Monday, November 21, 2011

Not-So-Super Committee (Understatement)

I guess because they make a lot of money this won't really affect their portfolios, since their healthcare is paid FOR LIFE this isn't as big of a deal to them as it is to the regular Americans.  These "clowns" are out of touch with reality & we the real Americans who go to work every day & have to count their P's & Q's have to deal with these "clowns" continuously doing a worse job for us in nearly every way, shape, and form.

C'mon "clowns" - figure it are NOT above the rules of the land you supposedly help to govern so quit writing rules that DON'T affect you but slowly cripple the other 99% of us.

Stop spending money on Solyndras (when they clearly were in financial trouble & the White House "influence" thought it was prudent to give them more money to burn through), other asinine projects that are only for special interests (get rid of those $-wasters already), quit paying healthcare for life for the "clowns" (that should save a boatload of money also AND LOWER our healthcare costs also), get a balanced budget for this country already, simplify the tax code (broaden & flatten it & eliminate loopholes), give companies tax breaks for creating jobs in this country (NOT overseas), eliminate double taxation for companies bringing $ back into the U.S., and do all of these things ALREADY - can't you hear the American people?  Most of us want these things, so MAKE THEM HAPPEN!!!

You must be deaf to continuously ignore the will of the majority - clean up your act (and makeup) already, "CLOWNS"!

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