Monday, November 21, 2011

Not-So-Super Committee (Understatement)

I guess because they make a lot of money this won't really affect their portfolios, since their healthcare is paid FOR LIFE this isn't as big of a deal to them as it is to the regular Americans.  These "clowns" are out of touch with reality & we the real Americans who go to work every day & have to count their P's & Q's have to deal with these "clowns" continuously doing a worse job for us in nearly every way, shape, and form.

C'mon "clowns" - figure it are NOT above the rules of the land you supposedly help to govern so quit writing rules that DON'T affect you but slowly cripple the other 99% of us.

Stop spending money on Solyndras (when they clearly were in financial trouble & the White House "influence" thought it was prudent to give them more money to burn through), other asinine projects that are only for special interests (get rid of those $-wasters already), quit paying healthcare for life for the "clowns" (that should save a boatload of money also AND LOWER our healthcare costs also), get a balanced budget for this country already, simplify the tax code (broaden & flatten it & eliminate loopholes), give companies tax breaks for creating jobs in this country (NOT overseas), eliminate double taxation for companies bringing $ back into the U.S., and do all of these things ALREADY - can't you hear the American people?  Most of us want these things, so MAKE THEM HAPPEN!!!

You must be deaf to continuously ignore the will of the majority - clean up your act (and makeup) already, "CLOWNS"!

The World's Countries Are Full of It (Debt)

The countries that have financial difficulties seem to be multiplying every week...where is the sense of taking care of your financial situation?  It seems almost nonexistent today - what do you think?

Friday, November 11, 2011

With All of This Volatility This Year...

...the DOW is now up 5% YTD after Veterans' Day close of business...even after the big drop on Wednesday!

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